Keeping Your Cat Healthy Takes Diligence and Teamwork


No one knows your cat like you do. That’s why keeping a close eye on your feline friend is so important to keeping her healthy. Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Cats are notoriously adept at hiding their discomfort, pain, malaise and other symptoms of disease. This is an instinctual reaction that comes from when cats were… Read more »

Byproducts in Your Pet’s Food? What’s the Big Deal?


With so many different pet food choices– grain-free, natural, organic, hypo-allergenic–more and more people are carefully reading the labels and ingredients. And one ingredient that often jumps out at many pet owners is “animal byproducts.” No denying it. The term byproducts typically inspires a rather unpleasant reaction from pet owners. However, is that bad rap deserved… Read more »

Excuse Me. Is That a Foxtail in Your Dog’s Ear?


Has your dog been scratching her ears or shaking her head? Are her ears red and inflamed or have a bad odor? Perhaps she’s also showing lack of coordination or balance problems. It could mean she has an ear infection. Ear infections are common this time of year, and we at Powell Veterinary Service are… Read more »

Going Camping? Prep Your Pet for the Trip


If you’re taking a road trip this summer, you may be bringing your four-legged friend with you. Before you hit the highway, though, you need to make sure that your pet is ready for the trip, too. Check out these tips to get your dog ready for your trip. Be Prepared When packing for your… Read more »

Is Grain-Free the Right Option for My Dog?


Because of all the buzz about grain-free dog food, we get that question a lot at Powell Veterinary Service. And the answer is a very ambiguous “maybe.” Why the ambiguity? Many dogs do just fine on a pet food that contains grains. Some even do better eating a diet with grains because of their high-fiber… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Pup be a Victim of this Highly Contagious Yet Preventable Disease


“I’m sorry, but your dog has parvo.” Those are probably not the words you expect to hear or want to hear from your veterinarian. But that’s exactly what one of our clients heard a couple of weeks ago. However, “spoiler alert,” this story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Tejana came… Read more »

Heartworm: A Little Knowledge Can Help Prevent Your Pet from Falling Victim


Summer’s nearly here, which means heartworm season is already here. You may have heard or thought that heartworm is a problem mainly in southern states where mosquitos are more prevalent, but that’s no longer true. It’s a definite concern here in Colorado, too. It’s especially concerning in areas around rivers, streams and stagnant bodies of… Read more »

Beware Of Autoimmune Disease In Pets


Just like humans, pets do contract illnesses and diseases. While most illnesses can be cared for and treated by a licensed veterinarian, many diseases go undiagnosed, leaving the health of your pet in jeopardy. As the advancements in medicine where animals are concerned are made, we are making great strides at early detection and prevention… Read more »

Keeping Fun In The Sun Safe For Your Dog


Thankfully the warmer weather has arrived in our area. With that being said there are dogs everywhere. You see them riding in cars – with their head out the window, going for walks, or running around the backyard and enjoying the sunshine. If your dog is doing any of the above, you may not realize… Read more »

3 Common Mistakes Of Well Meaning Pup Parents


When a dog comes into your life, you treat him like an extension of your family. You treat him like you birthed him yourself. With all of this love and affection, you can make a few mistakes along the way that may seem fine at the time, but can affect their health in the long… Read more »