Month: August 2015

Keep your Pet Safe from Ticks

Safety of Pets from Ticks

An external parasite found in tall grass and wooded areas, ticks attach themselves to the body of a dog or cat and feed on their blood. Large enough to be seen by the human eye, ticks are a common pest that pet owners here in Colorado face from March through early fall. Known to carry… Read more »

Cherry Eye: What is it and how can you help your pet?

Cherry Eye & Dogs

A prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid, cherry eye is a condition common in certain breed of dogs and cats. Both animals have three eyelids, the third of which typically goes unnoticed. This piece of the eye contains a tear gland and works to keep the eye clear of dirt and debris. This… Read more »

Helping Your Pet Lose Weight

Weight Loss in Pets

While a few pounds may not mean much to a human, they can make a big difference in the health of your pet. A dog five pounds above their ideal weight can develop serious medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and it only takes two pounds of extra weight for a cat… Read more »

Preventing Fly Strike in Pets

Fly Strike in Pets

Fly strike is a painful condition that most frequently affects animals in the summer and fall heat. Also called myiasis, it is an irritation caused by the biting of flies, including stable flies, black flies and deer flies. Here in Colorado, we have had a few cases of cuterebra fly strike this summer as well…. Read more »