6 Ways to Be a Great First-Time Pet Owner


Getting your first pet can feel a bit like becoming a parent for the first time. In many ways, it’s not so different. You are preparing for a new responsibility in your life, so it’s completely natural — and even responsible — to feel a bit nervous. Luckily, bringing a pet home is also a… Read more »

Caring For Your First Pet


Now that you’ve decided to get your first pet, it’s time to start planning. To make this an enjoyable relationship, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right pet and help your pet get acclimated to your home and family so you can bond.  Selecting The Right Pet And Breed Choosing the right pet… Read more »

Spring Has Sprung – Along with Seasonal Threats to your Pets’ Health


Just like your annual spring cleaning, now is a good time to make sure your furry friends’ health records are up to date. Along with the warm weather, comes an increase in incidents of certain health threats to your dogs and cats. The good news is most are entirely preventable. Communicable Diseases The rise in… Read more »

Springtime Hazards for Your Pets


Easter is here, and if you’re like most families, you’ve been busy dying eggs, filling baskets and preparing for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. If you are tasked with assisting in the delivery of some of these candy-and-egg-laden baskets, make sure you keep them out of reach of your pets. Yes, I’m sure you’re… Read more »

There’s a Lot More than Meets the Eye with Regards to Your Dog’s Dental Health


If you are diligent about your dental care and visit a dentist regularly, you’ve probably been warned about the consequences of not keeping up with good dental hygiene. You take notice when the dentist tells you that poor dental habits can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth loss, bone deterioration, and even heart… Read more »

Bentley Memorial Fund: Providing Veterinary Assistance to Those in Need


Despite our best intentions and efforts to provide a happy, healthy life for our pets, circumstances and unexpected events can sometimes get in the way. We may suddenly find ourselves unemployed, temporarily unable to work due to sickness or injury, or our furry friend may suffer a catastrophic injury or disease. In such situations, an… Read more »

Marijuana Use in Pets: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown


As more and more states are recognizing marijuana as a viable treatment for certain medical conditions, and a few, such as Colorado, have legalized it for recreational use, many pet parents are asking about its use in veterinary medicine. It’s a confusing topic, with few facts and lots of misinformation. Here’s an overview of what… Read more »

New Year, New You, New Dog?


It’s a brand new year and time to make your resolutions for a brand new you. If getting back into your favorite jeans after over indulging during the holidays tops your list, you’re not alone. In fact, your canine friend might be in the same boat. So this year, why not resolve to include your… Read more »

Pets: Your Prescription for a Healthier Life


There’s no doubt that our furry or feathered friends enrich our lives, and it would be difficult for most of us to imagine our lives without their presence. But in addition to companionship, pets may bring important health benefits to their owners. So while you take pride in providing a good home for your deserving… Read more »

Be AWARE of Online Pet Pharmacy Problems


Keeping our pets healthy can be expensive. Often, well-intentioned pet owners will try to save money by ordering medications over the internet. But the FDA cautions that not all online pharmacies are reputable, or even legal. Here’s what you need to know before you put your furry friend’s health in jeopardy. The Risks Although some… Read more »