Going Camping? Prep Your Pet for the Trip

If you’re taking a road trip this summer, you may be bringing your four-legged friend with you. Before you hit the highway, though, you need to make sure that your pet is ready for the trip, too. Check out these tips to get your dog ready for your trip.

Camping with Your DogBe Prepared

When packing for your trip, make a list of everything your pet may need while you’re traveling. It’s never a bad thing to be too prepared, so anything you think you should bring along, pack it. Make sure that you have any medications, your dog’s vaccination history, any special food and their favorite toys, too! Once you’ve gathered everything, double check your list to make sure it is all there.

Buckle Up!

Riding in the car with your pet on your lap might seem like a normal thing to do, but the reality is it could be very dangerous to both you and them. Things can change in an instant while driving, like items falling in your car or RV after hitting a bump or even an accident with another vehicle. Instead of allowing your pet to sit on your lap, grab a seatbelt that is designed for dogs for them to wear or place them in a carrier that is strapped down to keep them protected.

Stick Together

During pit stops, take caution when opening the door of your car or RV. If you aren’t paying attention, your pet could bolt out of the car, causing you to lose them and spend time looking for them instead of traveling. If you’re in an RV, a small gate at the door can be a lifesaver and help keep your dog in the vehicle when you’re stepping out for a minute.

Take Breaks

Road trips can be very long, so don’t forget to plan time for extra stops along the way to your destination to let your pet take a walk around. After all, we get tired of sitting for long periods of time, so why wouldn’t our pets be the same way? Doing so will keep them from getting restless and give them opportunities to use the bathroom and stretch their legs just the same as you.

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