3 Common Mistakes Of Well Meaning Pup Parents

When a dog comes into your life, you treat him like an extension of your family. You treat him like you birthed him yourself.

With all of this love and affection, you can make a few mistakes along the way that may seem fine at the time, but can affect their health in the long run.

Inconsistency – Meaning that one day your dog is allowed to do this, the next day he isn’t, and the following day it is totally fine again. Sending mixed signals like this can confuse your dog endlessly in what behaviors are acceptable, and what is not.

Some examples of inconsistency could be allowing them to jump up on the couch, or enjoy portions of your dinner only on some nights and not on others. As pet parents, you have to stick to your guns with what is appropriate behavior.

Giving In – Going along with inconsistency, giving in can also give your dogs the wrong idea. No one likes to see those big pouty eyes when your dog wants something that they can’t have or doesn’t want to do something.

If your dog stinks from rolling around on the garage floor and they are covered in muck and guck they need a bath. If your vet says that your dog is overweight and should stop eating from the table, you need to follow through.

It is best for their health, and will only ensure that there are more years to enjoy with them.

Following The Crowd – When it comes to your pets nutrition and what makes it into those bellies that we just can’t help but rub; you are in charge.

Just because this brand of kibble is cheap or on sale regularly, that doesn’t mean that it is actually healthy. You should look for foods that are not filled with junk or fillers that could possibly make them sick.

You want to find real raw meat that can clean teeth, freshens breath, and keep their weight down to a good number.

Follow our tips, by not making these common mistakes and you and your dog will both be happy with the life they live.

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