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by Wendy Hinojos on Powell Veterinary Service

Dr Powell and his staff area amazing! I first came to the practice 2 years ago with my Aussie mix. I was blown away by how kind and courteous Dr. Powell and his staff are, he was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions. He recommended vaccines that are beneficial to my dog based on the area I live in, he explained himself very well and made sure I understood what they were for.I trusted him completely with my Aussie, when I got my GSD the following year Dr. Powell was my go to vet! My GSD got a foot injury and Dr. Powell was able to see him the following morning and got him all fixed up. Throughout the week he would call to check up on my dog.Today my Aussie had puppies, I took her in last week to get x-rays. We were able to see Dr. Powell quickly and he explained the birthing process and called throughout the week to make sure everything was on track. I must have called his office about 10 times with questions and he or Sara (vet tech) would answer every single call and would patiently explain what to expect and what to watch out for.I highly recommend this practice! I can't say "thank you" enough for all the help during my Aussie's labor and for my GSD's foot injury. They truly are the best!

by Brian Hendricks on Powell Veterinary Service
Elly Mae

My dog Elly Mae only has three legs as my Dad ran her over. I worried we were going to have to put her down since I didn't have the money for her care. Dr. Powell totally surprised me when he called me to come get her and he had proceeded with the care and allowed me to make payments to him for the care. She is still going strong on her three legs!! Both of my dogs are rescue dogs and if it wasn't for Dr. Powell they wouldn't still be here.

by Brian Hendricks on Powell Veterinary Service

Doc Powell is the best surgeon ever! I've known Dr. Powell since 1994 when he moved to Kersey to begin his Veterinary practice. He has cared for my dogs for 26 years. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. He tells you how it is and straight up how things are going to be and how they are going to go.

by Shawn Harmer on Powell Veterinary Service

Took great care of our cat who somehow broke her leg, requiring surgery to fix.

by John Kellogg on Powell Veterinary Service

Dr. Powell had his staff have been caring for our animals for 17 years now and I wouldn't take them anywhere else. Excellent care with the animal's best interest in mind at all times

by Chantelle Miller on Powell Veterinary Service

Once again Powell Veterinary Service came through! Loved pets with injuries make us a little more nervous so soon after losing one to cancer. Powell gave great care as always, and again on personal time. Thanks!

by Angela Kellogg on Powell Veterinary Service

We have been taking our animals to Dr. Powell for years. Dr. Powell is so great with our animals and the prices are reasonable. We always have great and friendly service! Would recommend to everyone!!

Always a great experience here. Very friendly and caring staff. Rates are competitive. Dr. Powell is very knowledgeable, kind, and focused.

by April Ramirez on Powell Veterinary Service

This is why you don't run with the big dogs or after them they'll tear up your ear... needless to say Dr Powell fixed him up.. And this is why I'm constantly saying my dog doesn't go in front yard to many big dogs around... he isn't afraid of them he held his own.. was his own fault.

by Dixie Lewis on Powell Veterinary Service

Dr. Powell is on call 24 hours a day to help his clients and their animal friends. His staff is very kind, caring, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile.Over they years Dr. Powell has cared for 12 pets of mine. Some of these pets had special needs, all coming from rescues or shelters, off the streets, and of course, the grands dogs and grand cats.I first met Dr. Powell by referral when my little dog fell and broke several bones in her foot. I was told by another vet office she would need a leg amputated, but they offered a glimmer of hope in their next sentence. They knew of a vet in Kersey who had advance training in Orthopedic services for animals. Wow, I taught in Kersey at the time, what a great find. Thanks to Dr. Powell my dog now walks a half a mile a day. I have great care for all my pets, and respect for my feelings.Dr. Powell and his office have even come to my house in the most difficult of circumstances when it was time to part with one of my very best friends, my grand dog Zues, after a long battle with cancer. Never once did they fail to support me knowing how much my heart broke.They continue to care for my 2 dogs and 3 cats, and I am glad to know they are there 24/7. Many thanks, my friends, and I are blessed to know you and have your care Dr. Powell.Dixie Lewis and my animal friends.

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