Pet Wellness Testing & Exams

Powell Veterinary Service performs wellness exams for dogs and cats to prevent illnesses and keep your pet healthy. A wellness exam is a general health assessment similar to a human physical. We look for signs of common or potential problems your pet may be exposed to in order to prevent illnesses or conditions from developing. The wellness exam may include blood tests, teeth cleaning, urinalysis, parasite screening and other tests to check your pet’s vitals, general health and identify any problems.

A wellness exam varies between pets and depends on the species of the pet, the breed, the age of the pet and other factors. For adult pets with regular vaccinations and no health problems, a general health assessment is recommended every year to maintain the pet’s good health. For pets with advanced age and more susceptible to injury, illness, parasites, teeth cleaning and other problems, the health assessment is recommended every six months. A general health assessment can be conducted when you bring your pet in for regular vaccinations. At this time, blood tests, urinalysis, parasite screening and a head to tail inspection will show if the pet has been exposed to any health risks. If your pet is not acting normal, if he or she is sluggish, losing or gaining weight at a fast rate, acting aggressively or showing other symptoms, bring them in for a general health assessment to find the problem and stop it before it gets worse.

Powell Veterinary Service provides wellness exams for dogs and cats in Platteville, Kersey, Eaton, Ault, Pierce, Nunn, Brighton and the surrounding areas. Call today to make an appointment for your pet.