Keeping Fun In The Sun Safe For Your Dog

Thankfully the warmer weather has arrived in our area. With that being said there are dogs everywhere.

You see them riding in cars – with their head out the window, going for walks, or running around the backyard and enjoying the sunshine.

If your dog is doing any of the above, you may not realize it, but your dog needs to be protected from the sun, just like you.

Many pet owners don’t realize that there is actually sunscreen for dogs, just like there is for humans.

When should you use sunscreen, though?

If your dog is losing hair or has bald spots, these areas should have sunscreen first.

If your dog loves to just lie out in the sun all day long, then you should use sunscreen – particularly on their nose and the area between their back legs.

If you are headed to the beach or to the campground for the day or weekend, they should have the protection of sunscreen here too.

If you are just taking a quick walk, then they should be fine.

Try your best to have a shaded area available for your dog to escape to if it is getting too hot out.

When you make the decision to apply sunscreen on your dog, you should follow a few tips when doing so.

You want to make sure that you use a vet approved sunscreen that is specifically designed for dogs.

Make sure you apply it to just a small area first, before covering their bodies.

This way you can check for any sort of reaction, especially if your dog has sensitive skin. You want to read the label and avoid zinc oxide which can be toxic to them. If your dog has a reaction to the sunscreen, another option is to buy them sun protective clothing – make sure to buy lighter colors to reflect the rays and keep your dog cool.

Most importantly, make sure your dog has plenty of water available so he does not get dehydrated while you are out.

If you have questions about sunscreen and would like a recommendation, or are in need of specialized veterinary care and services, please feel free to give Powell Veterinary Service a call today at 970-352-9164.