Beware Of Autoimmune Disease In Pets

Just like humans, pets do contract illnesses and diseases. While most illnesses can be cared for and treated by a licensed veterinarian, many diseases go undiagnosed, leaving the health of your pet in jeopardy.

As the advancements in medicine where animals are concerned are made, we are making great strides at early detection and prevention of many curable diseases.

As with humans, the sooner a condition is noticed, the better the outcome.

Unfortunately and recently, family dogs that were otherwise very healthy and vibrant have taken a very sudden downward spiral and are dying because of what vets are discovering as autoimmune diseases.

An autoimmune disease is when the immune system, which is supposed to attack foreign objects in the body actually turns on itself, just like with humans.

Autoimmune disease attacks organs like the spleen, kidney, liver, skin, nails, eyes, and the body. This attack happens very suddenly and causes a dog to experience extreme lethargy, anemia, and even death.

It is not necessarily that there is an increase of autoimmune in dogs; it is that it is becoming more diagnosed and recognized.

As for one family, they discovered their family dog become very lethargic with little to no appetite and then the inability to move within one week.

There are several tests as well as ultrasounds (where they would discover enlarged organs) to be run before an autoimmune diagnosis can be made and even with a diagnosis, autoimmune is hard to treat because there is no cause.

Often, multiple blood transfusions are used to help make a dog feel better and the course of time when a dog begins to feel sick and the time when they are 100% better is very long.

Researchers are working hard to determine an exact cause or list of causes for autoimmune disease in dogs as well as a quick treatment plan.

For now, however, if you notice your dog or other pet acting strange don’t wait, get to your vet as quickly as possible.

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