Spay and Neuter Clinic

Owning a pet is extremely rewarding, although it also requires years of responsibility and dedication. Young puppies and kittens especially require time, love, care and attention to become loyal, loving adults, and many pet owners simply do not have the time to spend with baby animals. Getting your dog or cat spayed or neutered is an easy way to ensure each animal receives the attention it deserves and that you are not overwhelmed by the needs of young animals.

If your dog or cat is increasingly aggressive, exhibiting a need to wander, is marking territory indoors or fighting with other animals, spaying or neutering may also help with these behaviors. Spaying for female animals or neutering for males eliminates the innate need to mate and can make your dog or cat more receptive to training without the instinctual distraction of reproduction.

Spaying female dogs before their first heat cycle is especially beneficial, as it greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer, which sadly, is the most prevalent cancer of older female dogs. Even worse, half of female dogs diagnosed with mammary cancer die from the unforgiving, yet preventable disease.

In addition, spaying or neutering early in your cat or dog’s life allows them to heal faster and prevent accidental litters. Both surgeries are relatively easy, fast and extremely safe for animals as young as four months old. Learn more or make an appointment today at Powell Veterinary Service.