Pet Boarding Services (Dog & Cat)

If you are planning an extended trip, Powell Veterinary Service will make sure your dog or cat is safe and comfortable in your absence. Your pet can take his or her own vacation at our facility and receive love, attention and care while you are away. Whether you have a young kitten or puppy, a dedicated senior pet, a loyal pair or more, we will make sure your animals are safe, healthy and happy while they stay with us.

We give each of our visiting pets regular exercise, play time and attention, as well as a warm, safe place to eat, drink and rest. If you have a pair or group of pets that prefer to be together, they can keep each other company, or play with our other socialized dogs or cats. If you have a dog or cat that prefers to be separated from other animals, we can accommodate them as well.

Schedule boarding services for dogs & cats near Greeley, Evans, Gilcrest and surrounding areas, early to reserve the dates of your trip. Call today for more information, availability and to book your dates.