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E-cigs: Why This Popular Smoking Trend Is Not Good News for Your Pet

Have you jumped on the electronic cigarette trend as a healthier option for your smoking habit? Do you have a son or daughter who regularly smokes electronic cigarettes? This method of consuming nicotine is becoming a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. According to the FDA, e-cig use has risen dramatically in the past few years…. Read more »

Beware Of Autoimmune Disease In Pets

Autoimmune Disease In Pets

Just like humans, pets do contract illnesses and diseases. While most illnesses can be cared for and treated by a licensed veterinarian, many diseases go undiagnosed, leaving the health of your pet in jeopardy. As the advancements in medicine where animals are concerned are made, we are making great strides at early detection and prevention… Read more »

Tips For Training Your Pets For Teeth Brushing

Pets For Teeth Brushing

Just like humans, it is important for pets to have healthy dental habits. Their teeth have to last a lifetime just like ours will. With this being said, it is necessary to establish a routine and train your pets for teeth brushing. There are a few different things to consider before beginning brushing your dog… Read more »

Thoroughbreds Find A Second Life From RRP


Horses are magnificent beings. They are beautiful and graceful, yet strong. They are some of the most powerful animals on the planet, yet extremely fragile. Though horses are massive in size compared to human beings, the state of their health can be delicate. What they eat and how much they eat must always be carefully… Read more »