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Excuse Me. Is That a Foxtail in Your Dog’s Ear?

Has your dog been scratching her ears or shaking her head? Are her ears red and inflamed or have a bad odor? Perhaps she’s also showing lack of coordination or balance problems. It could mean she has an ear infection. Ear infections are common this time of year, and we at Powell Veterinary Service are… Read more »

Is Grain-Free the Right Option for My Dog?

Because of all the buzz about grain-free dog food, we get that question a lot at Powell Veterinary Service. And the answer is a very ambiguous “maybe.” Why the ambiguity? Many dogs do just fine on a pet food that contains grains. Some even do better eating a diet with grains because of their high-fiber… Read more »

Keeping pets’ ears clean contributes to their health and wellness

This information is provided as the 4th in our series of fundamental instruction on assuring the health and well-being of your pet’s health.  See our other blogs at : https://powellvets.com/cleen-teeth-essential-to-the-health-of-your-pet/ https://powellvets.com/feeding-your-pet-the-right-food-and-the-right-amount-of-food-is-a-cornerstone-of-his-health/ https://powellvets.com/cleen-teeth-essential-to-the-health-of-your-pet/  Keeping pets’ ears clean contributes to their health and wellness by preventing irritation and infection that can be painful and potentially lead to hearing loss…. Read more »