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Pets: Your Prescription for a Healthier Life

There’s no doubt that our furry or feathered friends enrich our lives, and it would be difficult for most of us to imagine our lives without their presence. But in addition to companionship, pets may bring important health benefits to their owners. So while you take pride in providing a good home for your deserving… Read more »

Thinking of Gifting a Pet for Christmas? Think Again.

Is your son or daughter asking for a new puppy or kitten for Christmas? Are you thinking that a furry companion for your aging mother would be the perfect gift? Not so fast. Gifting a pet at Christmas time may not be a wise decision. Not that we are against pet ownership. On the contrary,… Read more »

The Benefits Of Two Dogs In Your Home

Two Dogs In Your Home

Are you considering buying a second dog? If so, there are so many benefits for you and your first dog, of course, to owning a second. If you already have one dog, do you feel like he is lonely for those 8 or 9 hours a day while you are away at work 5 days… Read more »

Owning a Pet Leads to a Healthier Life

There are plenty of great benefits to owning a pet. For starters, they make great companions and can provide your children with the opportunity to learn responsibility. Dogs especially can make good protectors as well. But did you know that pets also make us happier and healthier? In a series of studies performed by Allen… Read more »