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It’s Always Pumpkin Season for Your Pets

It’s nearly Halloween, so do you know what else it is? Pumpkin season! You’ll get to enjoy pumpkin in everything from pies and cheesecake to soups, side dishes, and yes, especially your morning latte. But don’t hog all that yummy goodness for yourself. Save some for the four-legged members of your household. Many dogs and… Read more »

Pet Safety: Holiday Precautions

Halloween safety for pets

Halloween has almost arrived and here in Kersey, Colorado leaves in a range of orange and red hues are falling from the sky to land among jack-o-lanterns and haunted decorations. Halloween is the first of the big holiday celebrations to come; the perfect time to brush up on pet safety. While some of our furry friends… Read more »

Keep Rabies Vaccinations Up-to-Date

vet giving a golden retriever the rabies vaccine

Typically transmitted to dogs and cats from the bite of a wild animal, the rabies virus infects the brain and spinal cord of its victims and often leads to death. This preventable disease is commonly reported throughout the country, with cases in Southern Colorado this August. The 26th Annual Rabies in the Americas Conference is… Read more »

Be Aware of Lumps and Bumps on your Pet

woman petting her rottweiler

Whether you are grooming your dog’s fur or snuggling up with your cat at the end of the day, there are plenty of opportunities to check your pet over for bumps and growths. Most masses seem to appear overnight and don’t appear to be noticed by your furry friend. While the majority of these bumps… Read more »

Dogs and Hip Dysplasia: What can we do?

x-ray of dog with hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that results in loosely formed hip joints and can affect a dog at any stage of its life. It causes the dog’s legs to move around too much, creating excess wear on the body. Similar problems can occur in animals that have experienced trauma to the hip area. Large… Read more »

Helping Your Pet Lose Weight

overweight cat on scale

While a few pounds may not mean much to a human, they can make a big difference in the health of your pet. A dog five pounds above their ideal weight can develop serious medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and it only takes two pounds of extra weight for a cat… Read more »

Microchipping Your Pet

Whether you have had your dog or cat for years, or have just welcomed a new furry family member into your home, having them microchipped is an important safety precaution. Here at Powell Veterinary Service we use an ISO chip created by SaveThisLife that can be read with any universal microchip reader. The microchip gives… Read more »

Laser therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, effective way to treat and manage many different conditions.

What is laser therapy? Laser therapy is the application of a coherent light. The laser light consists of multiple light waves in which all the waves support one another. Laser therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, effective way to treat and manage many different conditions. How does laser therapy work? The laser beam stimulates the cells… Read more »

A Lovingly Handled Pet is a Healthier Pet

  As the 5th in our series of Top Five Tips for Assuring your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing we have compiled this general information to remember in handling your pets. To see our 4 other blogs on this subject go to powellvets.com and select the Blog tab.  Love & affection Just like people, pets thrive… Read more »

Keeping pets’ ears clean contributes to their health and wellness

This information is provided as the 4th in our series of fundamental instruction on assuring the health and well-being of your pet’s health.  See our other blogs at : https://powellvets.com/cleen-teeth-essential-to-the-health-of-your-pet/ https://powellvets.com/feeding-your-pet-the-right-food-and-the-right-amount-of-food-is-a-cornerstone-of-his-health/ https://powellvets.com/cleen-teeth-essential-to-the-health-of-your-pet/  Keeping pets’ ears clean contributes to their health and wellness by preventing irritation and infection that can be painful and potentially lead to hearing loss…. Read more »