Keep Rabies Vaccinations Up-to-Date

Typically transmitted to dogs and cats from the bite of a wild animal, the rabies virus infects the brain and spinal cord of its victims and often leads to death. This preventable disease is commonly reported throughout the country, with cases in Southern Colorado this August. The 26th Annual Rabies in the Americas Conference is currently being held in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Carried by bats, raccoons, skunks and foxes, most humans come into contact with the rabies virus through the infection of their household pets. If an incidence of rabies is noted in your area, keep cats indoors and watch dogs while they are out in the yard. Early symptoms of rabies include restlessness and a sudden change in mood, as well as fever and the licking or biting of the affected area.

Here at Powell Veterinary Service, we would like to stress the importance of keeping your pet up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. A requirement for domestic dogs and cats, one and three year vaccine options are available and all pets must wear a rabies tag on their collar. Since there is no accurate test for the rabies virus, animals that have not been vaccinated are frequently quarantined and put down for the safety reasons.

If you believe your dog or cat has been bit by a rabid animal, contact your veterinarian immediately to receive a booster vaccine. Wear gloves and protective clothing while handling your pet and call your local health department to alert them of the incident.

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