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Feeding your pet the right food and the right amount of food is a cornerstone of his health

 This information is provided as the 2nd in our series of fundamental instruction on assuring the health and well-being of your pet’s health.  See our 1st blog at : https://powellvets.com/is-there-anything-i-can-do-to-assure-my-pets-health-2/ What to feed? 1. Analyze commercial pet food choices Thoroughly investigate the options offered by identifying the real manufacturer of the pet foods you are… Read more »

Is there anything I can do to assure my pet’s health?

Written by Kate Howell, Powell Veterinary Services Many years ago I was talking to my son about his work. Although he rarely shares stories about his work as a firefighter, we were talking about a response from their crew to a horrific auto accident where there were several fatalities. I had thought often about how… Read more »

How to Tell if Your Cat or Dog Has Arthritis

Just as humans do, cats and dogs also succumb to some of the same illnesses and diseases. And as they age they are more apt to develop these diseases. Arthritis is a very common occurrence in cats and dogs that are reaching middle age or older, and if you are not sure what to look… Read more »

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth is Essential for Good Health

Good oral health is important for everyone, including your cats and dogs. Mouth, gum, and teeth problems can cause systemic health issues, and even be potentially fatal. So brushing your pet’s teeth regularly is a basic necessity for their health. This is a simple “How To…” so that you can get your pet used to… Read more »