Be Aware of Lumps and Bumps on your Pet

Whether you are grooming your dog’s fur or snuggling up with your cat at the end of the day, there are plenty of opportunities to check your pet over for bumps and growths. Most masses seem to appear overnight and don’t appear to be noticed by your furry friend. While the majority of these bumps are benign masses (warts, fatty tumors, abscesses), there is the possibility that the tumor is cancerous.

Each and every bump on your dog or cat’s body is not a cause for alarm, but here at Powell Veterinary Service we recommend you always assess your pet after finding a bump and make an appointment to have them checked out. As long as the mass isn’t painful and does not give off any sort of odor, there is no need to rush in.

At your appointment, we will look over your pet, asking about their medical history and if the lump has changed in size, shape or color since it was first found. A fine needle aspirate can be performed to learn more information about the contents of the mass. A small needle will be inserted into the mass, allowing us to extract a few cells to further examine the contents.

If cancer is suspected, as incisional or excisional biopsy will be recommended and a sample will be sent out to a lab for testing.

If you notice a mass on your pet, pay close attention to its location and size, and call us at 970-352-9164 if it does not go away within a few weeks. Located at 25505 Co Rd 53 in Kersey, Colorado, we service neighboring towns as well.