Microchipping Your Pet

Cat being checked for microchipWhether you have had your dog or cat for years, or have just welcomed a new furry family member into your home, having them microchipped is an important safety precaution.

Here at Powell Veterinary Service we use an ISO chip created by SaveThisLife that can be read with any universal microchip reader. The microchip gives your pet a permanent ID number, in case they are lost or stolen. The chip can be scanned and activated by a vet or animal rescue clinic. Activation reveals your pet’s ID number, which will then be called into a national pet recovery service. When your pet is found via microchip, you will be notified by the pet recovery service and can then be reunited with them!

Having a microchip implanted at PVS costs $42.50 (chip registration is included), and is a quick and easy way to prevent your pet’s permanent loss. The chip is inserted into the loose skin between the shoulder blades of your dog or cat and feels similar to getting a shot.

After implanting your pet with a microchip, we will register it for you into the SaveThisLife database to make sure your pet will make it safely home if lost! We also link the information to your pet in our computer system and include our hospital contact information on the registry so we can be contacted in case you cannot be reached.

Interested in learning more or getting your dog or cat microchipped? Contact Powell Veterinary Service at 970-352-9164 today!