Tips For Training Your Pets For Teeth Brushing

Just like humans, it is important for pets to have healthy dental habits.

Their teeth have to last a lifetime just like ours will.

With this being said, it is necessary to establish a routine and train your pets for teeth brushing.

There are a few different things to consider before beginning brushing your dog or cat’s teeth.

The first being the size of their mouths; you cannot pull out a regular toothbrush from your drawer and begin using that on your cat or dog.

You should use a brush that will be able to get to the back teeth easily without hurting them at all.

To start training your dog for teeth brushing you should begin by putting your hand near their mouth, and rewarding them when they don’t bite or pull away.

Once you are able to touch your dog without any negative reaction from him or her, you should be able to begin the teeth brushing process.

Some things that you need to work on with your dog to get them ready for teeth brushing would be lifting the upper lips, being able to open their mouth, and holding their head in place for the brushing to actually happen.

For puppies, this training process may take a bit longer than older dogs that may be easier to work with because the trust factor has already been established.

If your puppy has gotten over the bad habit of wanting to nibble at your fingers when they go towards his mouth, licking doesn’t count here; you may be able to get away with using finger brushes.

Next, pick out a great flavor of toothpaste that your dog will enjoy, there are so many available from chicken to peanut butter, to mint.

Make sure to check the labels for anything that your dog may be allergic to, and check with your vet for brands that they may recommend.

Once you get started brushing, make it into a daily routine with lots of praise and rewards. You can then reward yourself with the next visit to the vet when you can save some money on pet dental visits or surgery.

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