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How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas This Spring

Protect Your Pets From Fleas

As we “spring” into the warmer seasons of the year, flea prevention is on every pet owner’s mind. Sometimes fleas are unstoppable from getting into your yard, but whether your dog or cat actually gets bitten by one, can be up to you. Fleas can enter your yard by a multitude of different wildlife such… Read more »

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cat Healthy

Keeping a pet cat healthy is a relatively easy thing to do. Play with your cat so they get a chance to interact with you, run around a bit, and exercise. Something as simple as 20 minutes a day of your undivided attention can help keep a cat healthy. It’s also a good idea to… Read more »

Thoroughbreds Find A Second Life From RRP


Horses are magnificent beings. They are beautiful and graceful, yet strong. They are some of the most powerful animals on the planet, yet extremely fragile. Though horses are massive in size compared to human beings, the state of their health can be delicate. What they eat and how much they eat must always be carefully… Read more »

What Is the Fear-Free Movement?

Taking Your Pet to Veterinarian

For some pet owners, going to the vet can be a stressful adventure and I’m not referring to any diagnosis that might happen in the office; what I’m referring to is the effort it takes when it comes to certain pets to get them to relax so the trip to the vet is a seamless… Read more »

Can Cats Cause Mental Illness?

cats hide illnesses

The pets in our lives can lift us up when we are having the worst of days, but they can also make us go nuts. Owning a pet is a double-edged sword. There are good days and bad days, but when all is said and done, where would we be without them? We would be… Read more »

Improving Animal Welfare in America

Cool Dog and Young Man Having Fun in a Park

Every day it seems like there are horror stories on the news regarding animals, whether stories of cruelty or abandonment, and we cannot get away from hearing about them. As the old saying goes, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Needless to say, there are monsters out there,… Read more »

Remember the 2015 Chicago Canine Influenza Outbreak?

Disease, as it is with humans, can spread like wildfire if not monitored properly. You need to exercise caution at all times with your pets because diseases that can affect your dog or your cat don’t make front page news and it could be a while before you know anything is wrong. One such disease… Read more »

Pet Safety for the Holidays

Pets Dressed up for Christmas

This is the season for thankfulness and giving, being grateful for all the good things in your life, and that includes the pets in your life. For all you pet lovers out there, you know how important your furry friends are in keeping you sane and grounded during times of stress, and what season is… Read more »

Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Goofy Dog in Winter

As snow begins to fall here in Kersey, Colorado, we urge dog owners to take precautionary measures to keep their furry family members safe and healthy. Pay attention to your pets when they are outside, especially puppies and senior dogs since they are more susceptible to cold temperatures. Frostbite & Hypothermia Hypothermia and frostbite are… Read more »

Choosing to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Puppy and Kitten

Unless you are a breeder, a common practice across the U.S. is to have your pet neutered. For those who choose to adopt a dog or cat, this surgical procedure may be required by the adoption agency. There are a range of benefits as well as some risks to consider when choosing to have your… Read more »