Resolutions for the New Year for You and Your Pet

New Year's Resolutions With a new year comes new resolutions, but they don’t have to be only for you. As you consider how you want to improve yourself or your life in 2017, think about including your pet! Many of our dogs can benefit from having some New Year’s resolutions, as well, to help them have a better lifestyle! Here are a few ideas for resolutions for you and your pet in the new year.

Try a New Activity

Is your pet getting bored with your average walk? Try taking him or her to a dog park or head off the beaten path – literally – by going on a hike! Make it a point to do something to break up your everyday routine. Whether it’s once a month or once a week, doing a new activity gives you something different to engage in and your dog a new place to see, smell and explore. Best of all – you’ll both get exercise! It’s a win-win situation.

Practice Good Grooming

Another good resolution for both you and your pup is to be better about hygiene. Many of us can forget to brush or floss, and being more mindful of that can help you to improve your daily habits. The same can be true for your dog. Help them keep their teeth strong and healthy by brushing his or her teeth once a day, too. Some specialized treats can also help with cutting down on tooth decay and potential tooth loss. Make all the mouths in your home a priority in the new year and keep the dentist away!

Update Pet ID

Are you due to renew your driver’s license in 2017? Maybe you need to update a professional listing or certification that you have. What about your dog? In the new year, make sure that your information is all up to date with your locality and your veterinarian. This includes verifying the correct contact information on your dog’s license or microchip, replacing old dog tags and making sure your pup’s immunization record is up to date.

Portion Control

Many of us plan to lose weight in our New Year’s resolutions, and there’s no reason your four-legged friend can’t join you on your diet. Taking the time to measure your dog’s food will help combat pet obesity. Most pet owners just eyeball their pet’s food, but this easily leads to overserving your pet. They take in extra empty calories and fat – just as happens to us when we sit down on the couch with a bag of chips. It will be much easier for both you and your pet to pet slim down if you take the initiative to measure your food. It’s a simple step but it’s simply effective.

Visit the Doctor More

Have you been lax about keeping up on your annual vet visit? What about having a yearly physical? Keeping up with your appointments is an important part of staying healthy. Whether your physician or your vet, visiting a doctor helps establish your baseline health and helps your doctor know if anything has dramatically changed since your last appointment. Making sure to make and keep your appointments will help both you and your dog live long, healthy and happy lives.

Do you have any questions on what sort of goals you should set for your pet this year? We’ll be more than happy to discuss some great options that will help you and your pet get off to a great start. Call us today at 970-352-9164 to schedule your next visit.