Giving Thanks for our Furry Friends

November is the time of year when we remember all the things we are thankful for. Family of course is uppermost in our thankfulness, but do you include your furry friends in your family of thankfulness? Here are a few reasons you may have overlooked:

You don’t need an alarm clock. Your dog wakes you up early every morning. Very. Early. Every. Morning.

Your kitty brings you the gift of love—and dead birds, mice and your daughter’s hamster.

No matter what you did, you can always blame the dog.

You don’t need a security system. Your dog will bark excitedly to warn you when someone approaches—or for no particular reason at all.

Your cat loves your ugly Christmas sweater as much as you do. You can tell by all the kneading she does on it and the yarn loops she leaves in her wake. But that’s OK, you weren’t actually going to wear that sweater again anyway, were you?

Your dog loves to fetch the morning newspaper for you—actually, it’s the neighbor’s newspaper because you cancelled your subscription and get your news online. (BTW, did you ever consider your dog in that choice?)

Your furry friend makes a great foot warmer in bed—if you can actually manage to squeeze onto the bed.

You can always blame the dog.

No one greets you at the door like your faithful friend who missed you—even when you were just gone long enough to take out the trash.

Our pets stimulate our minds with puzzles. Like where the heck did she hide my slipper, how did he manage to escape from the yard, and why, when the litterbox is right there and no waiting, does she pee just outside of it?

Cats and laser pointers provide an endless source of entertainment—if you’re not into football after the big feast.

No matter what you post on Facebook, your dog or cat won’t unfriend you. Well, maybe your cat will, but not your dog.

Yes, our furry friends can be a challenge, but Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  We love our pets, despite their foibles, and sometimes because of them. We at Powell Veterinary Service share your love and wish you and your very special furry friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.  And remember, when a turkey leg goes missing, you can always blame the dog.