FDA Warns Popular Easter Plant Can Be Dangerous To Your Pet Cats

This Easter holiday season is very popular for flowers and plants in the home, as many homeowners like to celebrate by adorning their residence with these festive plants.

But according to Dr. Melanie McLean at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Easter lilies can be deadly to your pet cats. This is also true for Asiatic, Day, Japanese Show, and Tiger lilies.

The whole lily plant is poisonous to your housecat.

If the cat ingests just a couple leaves or licks any pollen off its fur, this can quickly cause kidney failure in the animal.

Dr. McLean says if untreated, a cat that ingests the lily will die within 4 to 7 days.

If your cat does happen to eat a lily or part of the common Easter plant – early treatment is very important.

Take your animal to your trusted veterinarian where the cat can be treated promptly and correctly to prevent dehydration and maintain the kidney function.

If you have cats in your home, Dr. McLean recommends not having any type of lily plants, especially not in reach of your cats. Dogs are not seriously threatened by lily plants but it can still cause some stomach issues if they ingest them, but not life threatening.

The Humane Society has more about plants that may poison your pets.

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