Ear Infections in Dogs

One of the most common conditions dogs are treated for, ear infections are caused by the growth of bacteria and yeast in the ear canal. Some breeds and individual animals are more prone to get these painful infections than others, but luckily treatment is usually straightforward. Dogs with floppy ears, including Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels, frequently experience ear infections, making preventative treatment an important first defense.

Preventive Measures

Checking your furry friend’s ears should be a regular part of your routine, just like looking them over for bites and scrapes. Clean dirty ears with a cotton ball dampened with a gentle cleaning solution. The inner ear is very sensitive, so never use rubbing alcohol and avoid cleaning too often. Always clean your pet’s ears gently and with care, being sure not to push the cotton ball into the canal.

Have a pup that loves to swim? Be sure to dry their ears as best as you can after frolicking in the water and do the same after bath time.


If your dog is scratching their ears or shaking their head more than usual, schedule an appointment with your local vet. Other symptoms include brown or yellow discharge, an unpleasant odor, redness and swelling.


Ear infections are simple and quick to diagnose at the vet, so bring your pet right in if they are experiencing ear pain. Ear drops are typically prescribed to clear up the infection and antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications may be needed, depending on its severity.

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