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Heartworm: A Little Knowledge Can Help Prevent Your Pet from Falling Victim

Summer’s nearly here, which means heartworm season is already here. You may have heard or thought that heartworm is a problem mainly in southern states where mosquitos are more prevalent, but that’s no longer true. It’s a definite concern here in Colorado, too. It’s especially concerning in areas around rivers, streams and stagnant bodies of… Read more »

Beware Of Autoimmune Disease In Pets

Autoimmune Disease In Pets

Just like humans, pets do contract illnesses and diseases. While most illnesses can be cared for and treated by a licensed veterinarian, many diseases go undiagnosed, leaving the health of your pet in jeopardy. As the advancements in medicine where animals are concerned are made, we are making great strides at early detection and prevention… Read more »

When Is The Right Time To Spay Or Neuter Your Pets?

Right Time To Spay Or Neuter Your Pets?

If you have just bought a dog or cat from your local rescue or a favorite designer breeder, you may be wondering about when to spay or neuter your newest family member. This is one of the most commonly asked questions that pet owners ask their veterinarians. There can be a lot of advice that… Read more »

Ways To Help Prevent And Remove Ticks On Your Pets

Prevent And Remove Ticks

With the warmer weather here, your pets are bound to spend more time outdoors. Fido is probably standing at the door right now with his leash in his mouth begging to go outside. Many pet moms and dads have a few concerns about their pets being outside; the top one is usually ticks. Knowing how… Read more »

FDA Warns Popular Easter Plant Can Be Dangerous To Your Pet Cats

Popular Easter Plant Dangerous To Cats

This Easter holiday season is very popular for flowers and plants in the home, as many homeowners like to celebrate by adorning their residence with these festive plants. But according to Dr. Melanie McLean at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Easter lilies can be deadly to your pet cats. This is also true for… Read more »

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cat Healthy

Keeping a pet cat healthy is a relatively easy thing to do. Play with your cat so they get a chance to interact with you, run around a bit, and exercise. Something as simple as 20 minutes a day of your undivided attention can help keep a cat healthy. It’s also a good idea to… Read more »

Improving Animal Welfare in America

Cool Dog and Young Man Having Fun in a Park

Every day it seems like there are horror stories on the news regarding animals, whether stories of cruelty or abandonment, and we cannot get away from hearing about them. As the old saying goes, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Needless to say, there are monsters out there,… Read more »

Remember the 2015 Chicago Canine Influenza Outbreak?

Disease, as it is with humans, can spread like wildfire if not monitored properly. You need to exercise caution at all times with your pets because diseases that can affect your dog or your cat don’t make front page news and it could be a while before you know anything is wrong. One such disease… Read more »

Pet Safety: Holiday Precautions

Halloween safety for pets

Halloween has almost arrived and here in Kersey, Colorado leaves in a range of orange and red hues are falling from the sky to land among jack-o-lanterns and haunted decorations. Halloween is the first of the big holiday celebrations to come; the perfect time to brush up on pet safety. While some of our furry friends… Read more »

Household Products that can Harm your Cat

keep your cat safe at home

As every cat owner knows, felines are full of curiosity and spunk, always finding new items to play with and cozy hiding spots. With closets and cabinets two of their favorite places to visit, keeping these household products out of your kitty’s grasp is especially important. Dryer Sheets A seemingly harmless and often used product,… Read more »