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Don’t Let Your Pup be a Victim of this Highly Contagious Yet Preventable Disease

“I’m sorry, but your dog has parvo.” Those are probably not the words you expect to hear or want to hear from your veterinarian. But that’s exactly what one of our clients heard a couple of weeks ago. However, “spoiler alert,” this story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Tejana came… Read more »

Heartworm: A Little Knowledge Can Help Prevent Your Pet from Falling Victim

Summer’s nearly here, which means heartworm season is already here. You may have heard or thought that heartworm is a problem mainly in southern states where mosquitos are more prevalent, but that’s no longer true. It’s a definite concern here in Colorado, too. It’s especially concerning in areas around rivers, streams and stagnant bodies of… Read more »

Keeping Fun In The Sun Safe For Your Dog

Keeping Fun In The Sun Safe For Your Dog

Thankfully the warmer weather has arrived in our area. With that being said there are dogs everywhere. You see them riding in cars – with their head out the window, going for walks, or running around the backyard and enjoying the sunshine. If your dog is doing any of the above, you may not realize… Read more »

3 Common Mistakes Of Well Meaning Pup Parents

3 Common Mistakes Of Well Meaning Pup Parents

When a dog comes into your life, you treat him like an extension of your family. You treat him like you birthed him yourself. With all of this love and affection, you can make a few mistakes along the way that may seem fine at the time, but can affect their health in the long… Read more »

Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Goofy Dog in Winter

As snow begins to fall here in Kersey, Colorado, we urge dog owners to take precautionary measures to keep their furry family members safe and healthy. Pay attention to your pets when they are outside, especially puppies and senior dogs since they are more susceptible to cold temperatures. Frostbite & Hypothermia Hypothermia and frostbite are… Read more »

Ear Infections in Dogs

Dog with Ear Infection

One of the most common conditions dogs are treated for, ear infections are caused by the growth of bacteria and yeast in the ear canal. Some breeds and individual animals are more prone to get these painful infections than others, but luckily treatment is usually straightforward. Dogs with floppy ears, including Golden Retrievers and Cocker… Read more »

Dogs and Water: Safety Precautions

labs playing in the water

Water: Some dogs love it and others won’t even put their feet in it. Whether your pooch is the kind who is inexplicably drawn to its refreshing fun or one who only likes water in bowl, water safety is important for every owner to know. Parasites and Bacteria Stagnant water, from lakes and ponds to… Read more »

Dogs and Hip Dysplasia: What can we do?

x-ray of dog with hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that results in loosely formed hip joints and can affect a dog at any stage of its life. It causes the dog’s legs to move around too much, creating excess wear on the body. Similar problems can occur in animals that have experienced trauma to the hip area. Large… Read more »