Emergency Vet Clinic serving Eaton, Ault, Pierce and Nunn, CO

If your pet is showing signs of pain, having trouble moving, exercising or behaving strangely, he may be in need of veterinarian care. Our experienced veterinarian and staff at Powell Veterinary Service can give your pet a comprehensive exam and find any condition that may be affecting him or her. We are located near you and can give your pet fast, accurate diagnostics and treatment so they can return to your family faster.

We are located in Kersey, CO, south of Eaton, Ault, Pierce, Nunn, Lucerne, Galeton and surrounding cities. Our full-service facility can be easily reached from the highway heading south on 85 and then east on 34. We conduct a complete array of tests and exams at our veterinary clinic, as well as state-of-the-art orthopedic treatments, stem cell therapy, laser therapy and surgery to address many illnesses, injuries or conditions. With all of our diagnostic equipment and treatments in one place, you can bring your pet in for a full exam and ensure they receive top-quality immediate veterinarian care.

Powell Veterinary Service also offers professional ear cropping services. Ear cropping helps ensure safety for dogs as well as helps define and preserve standards and character in breeds.

In addition to our typical office hours, we will make home and emergency visits for our established clients. Upon request, we will also schedule after-hour consultations when our schedule permits.

As any pet owner could tell you, few decisions are more difficult and strenuous than deciding it’s time to put your dog down.

If that time has come for your pet, Powell Veterinary Service can help simplify the process, and hopefully, relieve some of your burdens. We can come right to your home to perform euthanasia services, and we can also provide cremation services if that’s your wish. Please note, we can also perform euthanasia services right in our clinic.

To schedule an exam or another veterinarian service, please contact us today.