Fort Collins & Loveland Emergency Veterinary Care Services

From babyhood to adulthood and into their senior years, give your dog or cat the best care possible. Powell Veterinary Service provides a wide array of services to keep your pet strong, active, loving and healthy throughout their long life.

We serve towns and rural areas across Northern Colorado, from Fort Collins to Loveland, Greeley to Brighton and everywhere in between.Our home is easy to locate and nearby so you can take your pets in for regular appointments or any veterinary services they may need.

Kersey is 25 miles east of I-25 on Highway 34 and south two miles from Loveland/Fort Collins. We are passionate animal advocates and experienced veterinarian professionals providing every service necessary to maintain your pet’s good health.

Powell Veterinary Service offers professional ear cropping services. Ear cropping helps ensure safety for dogs as well as helps define and preserve standards and character in breeds.

Read more about our veterinarian services, facility, and staff online or contact us for more information. Make an appointment for your pet today and come see us in Kersey, CO.